Changing society changing advertisement approach

Advertisements have been an integral part of our life for a very long time. Ad or advertising is a subject that began with showcasing or selling the idea of an "Idea". It was a very simple concept in the past. In the ancient's, people used to draw figures on the temple walls to show us what's there inside. Later on, in the 1800s and the 1900s, the concept of advertising changed drastically. Those were the times when paper ads and drum calling ads (a person used to beat a drum or play the flute to sell something) were dominating the world. The 1900s was a time of comics and graphic strips, ad companies made loads of money just by selling company ads either in mid-section of the comic strip or at the end/last page of the comic. Banner ads were another important artifact of the 1900s era.

Just by closing our eyes, we can imagine the 1920s advertising era wherein an executive laced in a suit, smoking a cigar or a cigarette, looks towards the window, glimpsing an idea for the next big banner ad. Well, coming to the 1940s, everyone knows the famous Uncle Sam poster advertising the American Youths to join the US army during the second world war. Although it was a terrible way of inspiring patriotism amongst the youth of the time, yet it worked. Times change and so does the technology and the way of selling the technology. Paper and Banner ads swiftly shifted to Television ads.

TV sets brought a revolution in the marketing and advertising industry when it was newly launched. It was the beginning of the time of visual content on TV sets and at the same time the "Era of Internet Ads". I know both are unrelated mediums, but here we have to know one thing, both these mediums revolutionized/changed the way we perceived an Advertisement. Earlier an ad was all about "selling a product or service" but now it has become all about "selling a product with an Idea". The idea could mean any visual content we see on the television. Gone are the days of monopoly when only one brand had the complete market control, as Television opened doors for everyone.

The 1970s and 80s saw the rise of many blockbuster movies and TV shows that not just sold new ad ideas but paved the way for selling toys and merchandises. Banner and Print ads are still in relevance(reliable) cause we all know how reliant text ads are, not like television ads

which may ditch you at any point in the time while you are having a nice visual experience. The 1990s began a long-lasting era of digital content creation that went hand in hand with the television era. Digital ads have not yet been established by that point of time; although the developmental phase of internet ads began with the stagnation of television ads. TV ads were never customized and were always targeted towards a larger audience, people started understanding this and as time passed, they started ignoring them.

The 2000s saw moderate success in television ads. After almost four decades of television dominance, the 2010s in a real way saw a transition from TV to digital platforms, with the well-established OTT platforms like YouTube and Netflix (still at an infant stage by this point). Ad companies saw this as the right opportunity to reach out to a selective target audience by approaching these platforms to help them publish their ads. Google launching the AdSense Application, wherein clients can now post their ads without wasting much energy of coding and creating HTML ads. 2015 ' s is the current ear we are in and which will end at the end of 2019. This phase of Ad history is all about content and selling content specific ads on internet platforms like, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. 2015's also began an era for OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5 and many others. It's the time where you can get anything you want at any deal or price of your choice.

With the launching of Great Indian Sale by Amazon and Diwali Dhamaka by Myntra, it can be truly said that we are moving towards a more customer-centric time which has never been this great before. Brands and Ad companies solely trying to better out in the competition that is the Internet