What is an ad film ?

Ad films are a way of making consumers hear about your new product. It is also a way of expressing your brand in terms of product.

Ad films and corporate films are almost one and the same but differ in terms of audiences. For B2B, corporate films are used and for B2C, Ad films are created. Ad Campaigns are the new black in advertising.

Ad Campaigns are the new black in advertising. Ad campaigns are popular in YouTube and social media, not only promoting products but also for a cause. Do you remember 'Practo' campaign which beautifully portrays that "Mother is our first doctor". It also included its services promotion in the same video.

Practo is a new brand in India, it is already a pioneer in its industry from few decades but then it always keeps its customers connected & engaged to their brand by creating new Ad films, Ad campaigns. That is also its way of making their customers stay loyal to the brand.

Ad films are not only for new brands for also the well established brands to keep their market share growth with the introduction of new brands.

For new brands both corporate and Ad films are very crucial as a need to grab investors trust along with customer's attention. Beau Logiciel is always updated with latest trends in creating such impactful and innovative

Why Do Your Business Need an Ad film?

Ad Film are savage to make their brands speak to the customer in an effective way and make them listen completely. Also a visual can be remembered for a long time than textual information.

When is the last time you patiently listened to all the brands say about their products by visiting their store and then decided on which brand product you need?

Gone are the day's people visited brick and mortar stores of every company to finalize their decision, now the trend is all about knowing product/brand through Ad Films and promotional videos. Then the only way out to create such impact is Ad Films/Corporate Films.

Don't you think it's foolish to create a visual impact ad without explaining all the features of the product?

No never ever it is foolish, nevertheless of orally bombarding the customer with technical terms about your product. Show them how your product going to fill their requirements through most engaging, sensible, impactful and visually effective video with wide reachability in just a matter of minutes.